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MSDS - Natural Reclaim Rubber

We produce Natural Rubber Reclaim that caters to international standards, both in terms of quality and utility.

The Brand


Section 1 : Product & Company Identification

Product Name: NATURAL Reclaim Rubber (RNRR 111)
Manufacturer: Rolex Reclaim Pvt. Ltd.
Survey No: 80/P4, Plot no: 1,
Village - Pipaliya, Ta - Gondal, Dist: Rajkot- 360 311, Gujarat-India.
Telephone: +91 281 2480452
FAX: +91 281 2480453

Section 2 : Composition / Information on Ingredients

  • Natural Polymer Content: About 50-60%
  • Polymers content: about 50-60%
  • Other Content: Carbon Black, RPO & Filler

Section 3 : Hazards Identification

The product is not hazardous to health & environment but a little care is required because of Zinc Oxide.

Section 4 : First AID Measures

Skin Contact: Wash skin gently with soap and water to remove dust. If irritation occurs and/or persists, seek medical attention.

Eye Contact: Do not rub eyes, which may cause particles to scratch the eye. Immediately flush contaminated eye(s) with lukewarm, gently running water for at least 5-15 minutes while holding the eye lid(s) open. Take care not to rinse Contaminated water into non-affected eye. Neutral saline solution may be used for flushing if available. If eye irritation persists, transport victim to medical facility.

Ingestion: Never give anything by mouth if victim is rapidly losing consciousness, or is unconscious or is convulsing. Since the effect if ingestion of rubber has not been determined, only seek immediate medical help if large quantities have been ingested.

Other First Aid: If ignited by excessive heat or open flame, this product will burn causing the release of toxic and irritating smoke. Smoke may contain noxious compounds and acrid compounds of sulphur. During fire conditions, smoke is irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract. Powder or dust may formexplosive concentrations when mixed in sufficient quantities of air.

Section 5 : Fire Fighting Measures

Extinguishing Media: Carbon dioxide, water, foam, dry chemical
Flashpoint: Not Applicable
Auto ignition temperature: Unknown
Special Protective Equipment: Wear full protective equipment with self-contained breathing apparatus.
Hazardous Combustion Products: Unidentified hydrocarbons in smoke, oxides of sulphur and carbon.

Section 6 : accidential release Measures

Personal Persuasions: Use proper particular protective equipments as listed in section 8.

Spill Cleanup Measures: Liberation of powdered rubber into the environment may cause related to form consequential mixture in air. If liberation of ground rubber results in the formation of dust, It takes away all sources of heat & ignition. Provide quick and enough ventilation. Contain spilled material for demolition or recycling. If sweeping is required, use dust suppression such as water. Do not dry sweep dust accumulation or use compressed air for cleanup. Material may be repeat in process if clean,otherwise gather in approved containers and take away according to the demands in section 13.

Section 7 : Handling and Storage

Handling: No special precautions necessary.
Storage: Store in cool, dry place below 60 C away from source of heat or ignition.

Section 8 : Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Ventilation: Ventilation or exhaust systems may be required to minimizing exposures.
Respiratory Protection: It may be required to minimize exposures to vapors or gases.
Eye Protection: Is required such as wearing glasses with side shields.The wearing of contact lenses is not recommended.
Hand Protection: Use gloves and avoid contact with skin.
Other Protection: It suggested that a source of clean water is to be available in work for flushing eyes and skin. Under normal conditions of use, respiratory protection is not necessary. If dusting is an Occurrence during processing, then use of a particulate respirator is recommended.

Section 9 : Physical and Chamical Property

Form: Tacky and soft
Color: Black
Odor: Reclaimed rubber
Meltng point: Not applicable
Boiling point: Not applicable
Flash point: Not applicable
Auto-ignition temperature: Unknown
Explosion limits: Unknown
s.g. 20o C Kg/m3: insoluble in water
pH- value: Not applicable
Solubility insoluble in water: partially soluble in acetone

Section 10 : Stability and Reactivity

Decompose above 200o C store at temperature below 60o C thermal decomposion in the presence of air amy yield carbonmonoxide and or carbon dioxide.

Section 11 : Toxicological Information

No data available particularly for this product However, evidence after many uses suggest that it does not required classification under EC law.

Section 12 : Ecological Information

Ecotoxicity: Not Available.
No hazardous: solid material insoluble in water Biological degradation degradation resistant.

Section 13 : Disposal Consideration

Waste Disposal: Place used and contaminated material and packaging into suitable containers. Review and follow all local and national regulations before disposal.

Section 14 : Transport Information

Not classified as hazardous according to ADR, RID/IMDG/IMDG/ICAO/ADN.

Section 15 : Regulatory Information

EC label: Not classified.

Section 16 : Additional Information

This health and safety information is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief as the date of its publication but we cannot accept liability for any loss, injury or damage which may result from its use. Suitable precautionery measures must be taken to ensure that the applicable explosure limits are not in the working area impairment of healed is a avoilded. The purpose of this safety data sheet is to describe the products in terms of their safety Requirements. The above details do not imply any guarantee concerning composition, Properties or performance.